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This blog will be a thorn in the site of all so called “survey reviewers”. They are full of it and this post will expose them all! If you search for real online surveys for money and you would like to see some real examples of such paid surveys, than your search should stop here!

The truth of the matter is, there are only a hand-full of survey sites that pay money and there is only very few that pay well!

The rest of them? A waste of time, if what you care for is money.

I’ve been participating in market research for over 8 years. Ah boy, I’ve seen it all! Nothing but promises of a big win! What a baloney! If there is anything more important to say to those that want to earn money with surveys: Stay Away from Sweepstakes Survey Sites!

…another would be NEVER PAY FOR ACCESS!

There seams to be “secret” some want you to pay for. Trust me, there is no secret! I know, I’ve tried it! The “secret’ is a lie! All caused by lack of morality and constant pursuit of all mighty dollar.Internet is full of it.

Personally, I managed to make money with surveys, but I am also aware that many did not! Hell, I think about 90% of people quit before they even get paid.Unfortunately, it takes some time to get a handle of it, more than some willing to commit.

Especially when the are guided in a wrong direction.

If you allow me, I would like to explain why so many have not been able to make money  …and why so many think surveys are a scam.

I was not always a happy camper with surveys. I’m making money now, but that wasn’t the case when I started. I remember when surveys first cut my attention I did what most people do. I went online to look for reviews, …and fell for a trap.

I checked out few review sites and since everything looked great (at least it was presented that way), I decided to give it a try.

I signed up for all recommended survey sites and I started taking surveys. According to the reviewers, I was supposed to get paid to take surveys (you know… with money), but all survey invitations that I was getting offered nothing more than sweepstake entries.

I assumed “that’s how it is” in the beginning and that paid surveys will soon follow. I was taking a lot of surveys trying really hard to win a sweepstake… any sweepstake. Sadly my efforts were unsuccessful.

I was never lucky enough to win anything so ultimately I was never paid for my time I have spent taking all these surveys. I am pretty sure survey sites that I was taking these surveys for did get paid. I felt discouraged, disappointed and a bit… cheated. I felt cheated out of my time, time that could be used way more productively.

When I started taking surveys I was hoping to take surveys for money, not sweepstake entries!

I couldn’t understand why survey reviewers would ever recommend such survey sites to anyone while I, as a survey taker, would never do. So why did they?! When I read the reviews it never crossed my mind to question the authority of presented information.

Call me old fashioned, but I would expect from someone writing a survey review to possess a substantial survey experience. Well my friends, not these days. We live in times of pretend, especially on the internet. People pretend to be someone else, or pretend to know something they don’t. Today, anyone can launch a survey review site, even without ever taking a single survey.

With my mind boggled by this discovery I kept looking for answers “why”? Finely I realized that in this case the old truth applies again: if you are not sure what is it about, it is most likely about money. You see, “paid” online surveys have a little dirty secret.

The secret is that sweepstake “paid” survey sites don’t really pay their members. They offer them a chance to get paid, by winning a sweepstake. That is why they lose a lot of them on regular basis. To fill the void these sweepstake survey sites are forced to pay recruiters for getting them new members.

These recruiters are not tied by any boundaries and they often “speculate” (or lie, as I call it). They can tell us anything, just to get us to sign up for survey sites that pay them the most. Yes, you guest it right, sweepstake sites pay the most.

While legitimate survey sites can’t really promise us any earnings, recruiters usually go of the reservation doing so. I’m sure you’ve seen those $25-$75 survey ads. While it is not uncommon to receive $80 or even more for a survey, that does not mean that all surveys will pay as much. Typical survey pays anywhere from $1 to $20. Suggesting otherwise is just simply dishonest.

Did you ever wondered why majority of so called reviewers can’t really show you any proof of their experience. It is simply because they don’t have any. I think it is safe to assume that all reviewers unable to produce any proof of their survey participation, can be categorized strictly as recruiters.

Famous quote from Jerry Maguire movie applies here perfectly; “Show Me The Money!!!!” If you really get paid for surveys it shouldn’t be difficult to show us some pictures, would it?

Recruiters aka reviewers, will say anything to convince us into signing up for survey sites that pay the most to them, not to us. It is another reason why all survey sites, good and bad, get bad press.

It simply pays recruiters to steer us in the wrong direction. I for one, would like to steer you in the right direction.

I tested many survey sites, with usually disappointing results. Somewhere on this blog I will post a list of over 250 panels, for those interested. That does not mean you should join them all. I am currently active with about 25 survey sites, but the truth is I generate majority of my survey income from 3 survey panels. 

Out of these 250 sites I review only sites that offer cash or cash value to anyone interested in sharing their opinion and time in exchange for money.

For now I decided to live bad survey sites behind and spread only positive message, but over time I will make sure to include some “bad apple” warnings. 

…below, my best survey cash cows:

My #1

My #2

My #3
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