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I am sure there are still many of you not familiar with Survey Savvy. I was very fortunate that Survey Savvy was among survey sites that I joined at the beginning of my survey adventure. If it wouldn’t be for Survey Savvy, I would most likely not take surveys these days and I would definitely not get paid to take surveys the way I do.

I joined Survey Savvy in 2006 and very soon after that this panel became a beacon of my survey hope. I was fortunate to experience Survey Savvy for over 6 years, with all their paid surveys sending chill down my spine. You may say I get overexcited, but where else you can make $10-$15 in 20 minutes while watching TV?

Among all that changed in paid online survey world Survey Savvy remains as solid as I remember it to be when I joined. Most of all, I am very happy to see Survey Savvy remain unaffected by rapidly changing online survey reality, where majority of new and existing survey sites are switching to sweepstake reward model. Sadly, from my own personal observation, I believe survey sites like Survey Savvy may soon become nothing but extinct.

Check from Survey Savvy

One of many checks I received from Survey Savvy

When I first signed up for survey sites, majority of them offered me nothing but sweepstake entries. After a while I started to get discouraged, since I was unable to win any sweepstakes. At that time only one survey site that I signed up for offered me surveys for money: panel called Survey Savvy. Thanks to Survey Savvy I knew that real paid surveys do exist and I decided to search for more similar survey panels.

Survey Savvy offers many forms of market research: typical online surveys, focus groups and telephone interviews. If I could give you a word of advice at this point, I would like to encourage you to aim high. What I mean here is that you should attempt to earn as much as you can by taking surveys. It’s not a secret that focus groups and telephone interviews pay way better than typical online surveys. While average 20 minute online paid survey pays around $5, average 45 minute focus group pays around $50.

I typically receive from Survey Savvy about 10-12 survey invitations per week. Reward usually varies from $1 to $20 per survey. I believe the highest reward I was ever offered from Survey Savvy for typical 20 minute online paid survey was $32. Since I think it would be of interest to you to see few real survey examples, I placed some of such survey invitations from Survey Savvy at the bottom of this page.

When comes to focus groups I received many invitations to such research with rewards in the neighborhood of $100. The main difference between online survey and focus group is that you can take online paid surveys any time of the day, but focus groups are conducted in specific time frames. Usually all participants of focus groups are required to sign in at earlier designated hour.

Survey Savvy Eighty Dollar Survey Invitation

Survey Savvy Eighty Dollar Survey Invitation

What is worth mentioning about Survey Savvy is accuracy of their time estimate. I don’t believe Survey Savvy’s estimates have ever failed me. If the invitation claimed survey will take me 20 minutes, it usually took me 20 minutes or less. As a survey panelist I must admit there are not many things more frustrating than 10 minute surveys dragging for over 30 minutes. If I ever see that that’s where the survey is going, I don’t even bother finishing it. I just move on to the next one.

If it happens that you won’t qualify for a particular survey, Survey Savvy will still reward you with a free entry to monthly drawings of fifty $10 prizes. I know it’s not much, but it is a cash paid survey site we are talking about here.

Survey Savvy does not offer any big sweepstakes, but I don’t think they need to. Panelists of Survey Savvy are rewarded for their time with money not a blind chance. I personally don’t mind there is no major sweepstakes at Survey Savvy. I get paid well for my time and at the end it’s all I ever wanted from paid survey sites.

Another very unique part of Survey Savvy is their patented referral program. As soon as you join Survey Savvy you will receive your personal referral. This link will allow you to invite anyone interested in making some extra money with Survey Savvy. Inviting friend to Survey Savvy is easy and safe, since it is well established research company with solid track record.

Benefits of Survey Savvy referral program:

– you will get rewarded when you yourself complete a survey

you will get rewarded when any of your family and friends you referred complete a survey

you will get rewarded when referrals of family and friends you referred complete a survey

Please share your link responsibly and only with people interested in surveys.

On average Survey Savvy may not send many surveys out daily, but in most cases their invitations offer above average rewards. I know of many survey sites that send out dozens of invitations per day, but not really offering any rewards in return. I am of course referring here to sweepstake survey sites where all you really getting from them is a chance to win your reward. What is worth 40 invitations that don’t really pay you anything?

I would strongly advise you to complete your personal profile as soon as you join Survey Savvy. Completing your profile will allow Survey Savvy to invite you only to surveys relevant to you interests. This ultimately will increase your chances of qualifying. I personally get very frustrated with survey sites that send me irrelevant surveys that I have no interest receiving.

If at any point of your membership you will receive invitation for a telephone interview, I hope you will go for it. I remember my first telephone interview. It was about my dishwasher. I wasn’t sure if I should go for it at first, but then I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. After about 10 minutes of answering questions about my home appliance I received $10 into my Survey Savvy account.

Getting $10 for less than 10 minutes on the phone was great, but I benefited from that interview in more ways than one. Soon after I completed this telephone survey I noticed substantial increase in well-paying surveys from Survey Savvy. It seemed like that telephone interview took my invitations to a whole other level.

At the end it didn’t really surprise me that trust and good relationships with survey panels is what really gets you more invitations with bigger rewards. Legitimate survey sites, first and foremost, need to be sure that they can trust you with their most valuable customers. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that “most valuable customers” usually means “customers that pay the most money for their research”.

I believe that by participating in the telephone interview I validated myself as a reliable panelist that can be trusted with the highest paid surveys. hat of course does not mean that participation in such telephone interview is required to achieve this status of trust. Anyone who follows simple market research rules can achieve it in a matter of time. For details on general rules regarding participation in online market research please visit my FAQ page.

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 Survey invitations from Survey Savvy

Survey Invitations From Survey Savvy

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