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Opinion Outpost is not a scam. It is one of today’s most popular research companies, but does it mean that it is worth joining? It is a free to join panel that offers surveys for money, but is that enough to invest your time? I have been a member of Opinion Outpost for over four years and I was a huge fan of this paid surveys panel from the beginning. Am I still as trilled as I was when I joined? Well, many things changed.

In the early days I could log in to my Opinion Outpost account and chose a specific survey from the list of available surveys. They always had many surveys waiting for me there. It was very convenient system for me as I could select not only the best paid surveys available, but also I could chose the onese that I had enough time for.

On July of 2011 Opinion Outpost has merged with Survey Sampling International Inc. which owns and operates similar survey site called Survey Spot. After this merger few things changed about Opinion Outpost. First off all, appearance of Opinion Outpost website has changed and now it resembles Survey Spot website. I wish it would be the biggest change worth mentioning, but it’s not. Aside cosmetic details other things changed as well, some for better, some for worse.

Let’s start with changes for better. Opinion Outpost now offers PayPal and the minimum to cash out is set at $10, which is still relatively low. I must ad, currently PayPal cash out requests from Opinion Outpost are processed much faster than at many other survey panels. Opinion Outpost didn’t offer PayPal before the merger. If I wanted to get paid with cash I had to request my earnings via check. Sometimes I waited up to 6 weeks before that check showed up in my mail box. Currently, thanks to PayPal my payment usually arrives within hours. If only PayPal wouldn’t charge us a fee for such convenience. Well, I guess we can’t have everything.

Not much changed as for other forms of redemption like gift certificates, codes, magazine subscriptions and such. They are still available, but personally I don’t really pay much attention to them anymore. I’m only interested in getting paid with cash. With cash I can do whatever I want, which makes Mrs. Santa very happy.

Opinion Outpost now offers much more surveys than before, which should be a good thing. Here I go sarcastic, sorry. I use to receive only about 3-4 survey invitations per day before the merger. Now I receive close to 20 invites per day and my inbox is literally full of Opinion Outpost surveys. So why would 3-4 survey invitations per day be better than 20? I explain that in a moment.

I’m sure you noticed that I just started listing not so good changes that were triggered by the merger with Survey Spot.  There is one change that affects my opinion about Opinion Outpost the most. The money. I use to put Opinion Outpost at the top of my favorite paid survey sites because of their rewards. They simply paid well for their surveys and I got used to getting paid well for my time. 

These days, they still send me well paid surveys, but they also send me surveys that don’t really offer any payment. Currently 50% of Opinion Outpost surveys that I receive offer me only sweepstake entries. As you probably know by now, you will not get paid for sweepstake surveys unless you win the sweepstake.

That’s where 3-4 well paid surveys will be better than 20 lousy once. I generally do not take sweepstake surveys, and I do not recommend it to anyone. I just don’t think sweepstake surveys are fair to survey takers that invest their time to share their opinion. I believe that if survey companies get paid, we should get paid as well.

I would like to mention that now (after the merger) survey invitations from Opinion Outpost and Survey Spot overlap a bit. What that means is, often both these survey sites send me invitations to same exact surveys, maybe with one small difference: Opinion Outpost offers more money as a reward. I find it a bit strange, but I don’t really mind. I just start my invitation run-through with checking Opinion Outpost invitations before I get to Survey Spot invitations. Overlapping surveys could get a bit irritating at some point, but I don’t think it’s a very big problem.

Another change that I am not a fan of is a change of survey availability. As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, before the merger I was able to log in into my Opinion Outpost account and select surveys I would like to take. Now I have to go through all my email invitations to pick best paid surveys. I can still chose surveys that I would like to take, it just takes me much longer that it use to… and “time is money”. Everyone knows it.

I believe time needed for survey selection is way more important than we think at first. It often makes a difference between being successful and making money with surveys, or getting frustrated and quitting. If I have 30 minutes available during my launch brake, I would like to spend it taking a survey, not looking for one. 

Time management is one of very important factors that I take under consideration recommending survey panels to others. The simple fact that I currently have to go through bunch of invitations before I find something worth my time definitely lowers the value of Opinion Outpost in my eyes as a source of reliable income.

I also don’t have to tell you that your time is important. Time that you will spend looking for survey as well as time that you will spend taking one. Therefore correct estimates of time needed to complete surveys are extremely important to every survey taker. No one likes surveys that claims to last 10 minutes, but stretches for 30. Opinion Outpost survey time estimates use to be very accurate. Sadly I must say, they were.

Soon after the merger Opinion Outpost started to send out more survey invitations, many of which come from 3rd party survey sites like OTX (Online Testing Exchange) or Opinion Sphere. More often than not, after clicking on a survey link that offered $2-$3 for 15 minute survey I was redirected to OTX survey that offered me only $1 for survey that would take me 20 minutes. I believe relationship with OTX and Opinion Sphere significantly damaged overall image of Opinion Outpost.

Considering the fact that Opinion Outpost still offers surveys for money, where majority of todays survey sites offer only “fake rewards” in form of sweepstake entries, I am still willing to recommend this panel to others. Its not as good as it use to be before the merger with Survey Sampling International LLC, but Opinion Outpost still accounts for a significant share of my online income. 

Opinion Outpost is a legitimate paid survey site, and if you won’t like what they have to offer, you can always unsubscribe. They will respect your decision. I believe its best to try it, before giving it thumbs down from the get go. At the end, I make too much money with this panel to not recommend it. Just because now it got a little harder for me to earn as much as I use to. I still earn great money with Opinion Outpost, it just takes me a little more time.


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