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HCD Surveys

This page is dedicated to HCD Surveys, survey panel created by HCD Research, a very well-known and respected market research company.

HCD Surveys represents one of only few survey panels that still offer monetary incentive to their members for taking surveys. Unfortunately majority of today’s survey panels shifted their approach and no longer offer direct cash rewards to their members.In a sense you may say HCD Surveys is an old school survey panel.

New survey panels generally offer only sweepstake entries as a reward for completing their surveys. In a sense, such type of reward system rewards mainly survey sites, not their members. From my perspective; time, will and effort of survey takers makes market research possible. I believe they should get paid for it.

In all (or most cases) survey panels get well compensated for conducting market research, but more often than not elect to extend only a fraction of such profits to their members. In a sweepstake based reward system only few members lucky enough to win, will ever get rewarded for their time. I believe such system is far from perfect.

I understand that sweepstake rewards look very attractive to many at first, but new panelists often overestimate their chances of winning. They simply do not understand the odds that they face. After investing time and effort (and usually not winning) many sweepstake panelists come to a conclusion that they have been scammed. They realize they’ve been fooled and robbed of of their time.

HCD Surveys will respect your time and they will offer you money for your time.

I joined HCD Research in 2008 and so far I am a happy member. I must say I use to receive more survey invitations back then, but they also paid less. Recently I don’t get many invitations, but they pay much better. My last survey paid $5 for only 10 minutes of my time. It was about TV commercial and it was fun to participate.

Typically I receive 2-4 invitations per month, and that would be the only issue I would have with this panel. They don’t send many invitations, but the once I get are easy to qualify for and the surveys are fun to be a part of.

HCD Surveys sends out focus groups as well. If you don’t know it by now focus groups pay much better than standard online surveys. My last focus group offered me $45 for 1 hour of my time. I get invited to such focus group 4-5 times a year. I sure wish HCD Surveys would send me more of them.

HCD Surveys membership is 100% free, you must be 18 to become a member. I would definitely join again.

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