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Brand Institute

Brand Institute; everything you need to know about this panel before you join. I will share my personal experience with this panel just after brief general introduction.

Brand Institute is a legitimate and very trustworthy market research company. They work with large and well-known corporations like Pepsi, Starbucks, IBM, Abbott, Kellogg’s, WRIGLEY, BASF, FRUIT OF THE LOOM to name a few. Reputable companies trust Brand Institute and that speaks volume.

They accept members from around the world, not only from US, UK or Canada. You must be 18 or older to join. Membership is absolutely free and you can leave the panel at any time, if you wish to do so. They will never try to sell you anything and they will not spam your e-mail. They will send you only survey related messages.

I was introduced to this panel by my wife Melinda. She joined Brand Institute years ago and for a very long time it was the only survey panel she was a member of. Until she met me :).

When Melinda mentioned Brand Institute to me I was very surprised that I have never heard about it before. I was taking surveys for a while from many sources, but I never heard about Brand Institute. She suggested I should try it. I did. I joined in 2008 and I would join it again today. Here is my 6 years experience with this panel.

For a while I was trying to understand why I never heard about Brand Institute before. I was taking surveys for a long time, constantly researching and visiting many review sites, but I never heard anyone mentioning it anywhere. I was puzzled at first, but after few months with this panel it occurred to me why is it so unknown to majority of survey takers. There is a general misconception surrounding the panel that only medical professionals can join Brand Institute and general believe that Brand Institute offers only medical surveys. Such perception of Brand Institute is not entirely accurate, but I do understand where it comes from.

Brand Institute does in fact offer a lot of medical related surveys, but they are often not directed specifically to doctors or nurses. Usually qualification questions ask first if “you”, “we” or “I” have, care (or cared in the past) for someone with such and such disease. These survey could be about diabetes, psoriasis, high cholesterol or any other common illness. This should explain why Brand Institute survey panel is so popular among nurses. They usually care or have cared before for someone with such and such illness and can easily share their experience. EZ money :).

Having said that, not all surveys from Brand Institute are about medical conditions. I am not a medical professional and I completed many different surveys for Brand Institute. Some were about “brand naming”, others about unrelated products. Brand Institute covers many areas of our daily life as well.

So how often they send survey invitations and how much we can get for them? I receive about 3-5 invitations per month. That would be the only issue with this great panel. I simply wish they would send more. Surveys from Brand Institute generally offer $2, $5 and $15. I did receive some over the years that paid $3, but rarely.

If you would ask me about one thing that stends out about Brand Institue I would give you two. First would be their cash out system. You don’t have to request your earnings and there is no cash out minimum. Brand Institute sends out checks after each quarter without you asking for it. That is unlike any other panel that I am a member of. I like no cash out minimum, getting my money 4 times a year, well I can live with that.

Second thing would be about the surveys themselves. They are dry, but they pay, so if you want the money, you have to get through it. They usually last 20-30 minutes, so brew your coffee before you start. There will be a brake in the survey. IMPORTANT: it will say, “hey my friend you reached the middle of the survey, so we want to give you a brake”. Well, the brake is fine with me, but first time I received my brake I was working on that survey for about 20 minutes. I was not happy thinking that if I am in the middle the entire survey will take 40 minutes! Sure it paid $5, but 40 minutes seamed way to long for $5, if you know what I mean. Did I mention the survey was dry? Lol, I know I did. Here is where I’m going with this; survey was done within 5 minutes I finished my brake. Survey was almost done when I received my short rake.

I never encountered any technical glitches that prevented me from completing the survey (and ultimately getting paid). I mentioned this for those of you familiar with Lightspeed survey panel, where after 25 minutes survey you could often receive error message (and no money). Fortunately Lightspeed is long gone (unfortunately I still have nightmares about their surveys, thanks Lightspeed).

I would definitely join Brand Institute again.

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