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American Consumer Opinion

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American Consumer Opinion is definitely not a scam. It is a well known and respected global market research company that accepts panel members from around the world.

I reside in US and I understand that this alone could be a huge advantage for people like me that like to get paid for their opinion. Having said that, you should not feel discouraged if you reside elsewhere. From what I heard online, my positive experience with this survey panel is quite universal.Surveys from American Consumer panel represent some of the highest paid surveys I was ever invited to and participated in. My invitations range from $2 for a survey to $100 for a focus group, but that is not all that I like about this panel.

I believe their accurate time estimates are very important and worth mentioning in here as well. If invitation states survey will take you 15 minutes, you should be easily able to finish such survey in 15 minutes, or less. As an experienced panelist I must say that this is very important, since “15 minute” surveys stretching for 30 minutes are very frustrating and contribute negative survey taking experience.

American Costumer Opinion surveys typically take only 5 to 20 minutes and they pay very well. Unfortunately the number of available surveys is often limited. This can be a negative factor for some that expects to take lots of surveys. That is why such panelists should sign up for multiple survey sites. If you ask me, I would rather take less surveys that pay well, than take hundreds that pay nothing or next to nothing.

Focus groups usually take more time than regular surveys, with participants usually receiving more then $25. So far I didn’t participate in any of American Consumer Opinion focus groups. I received few invitations to such groups, but had no luck qualifying, just yet. The highest paid offered $100, and it was estimated focus group would take 2 hours to complete.

Generally, all surveys are conducted online but occasionally, panelists can be asked to participate in mail or telephone surveys. American Consumer Opinion panel sends out few survey invitations per month, but typically I qualify for most of them. As I mentioned earlier, I had no such luck with focus groups.

Every time I complete or get disqualified from a survey, American Consumer Opinion enters me into monthly sweepstakes of $10,000. I receive an entry every time I respond to their survey invitation. I mention this because unlike other survey panels I receive such entry in addition to my standard compensation, not instead of it.

Cash outs from American Costumer Opinion can be processed via check or PayPal, which is always a plus. My experience confirmed that after making the payout request, it takes much less time to receive the reward through PayPal than through a check. I typically get the check after 3-4 weeks after making the request. Through PayPal it takes less than 10 days.

Please note that these are my own experiences and your experience could be different (not necessarily worse). Also these are experiences of US panelist. I have no way of knowing how it works for other parts of the world. I understand American Consumer Opinion makes payouts in other countries using specific to that country currency via available in that country channels. From what I understand charge cards are very popular in countries where PayPal is not available. For those that did not know, not all countries have PayPal.

American Consumer Opinion is a solid and respected survey panel that cares for its reputation. I would definitely join it again. Best of luck with your surveys!


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