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Paid Surveys Reviews

It is not easy for me to recommend many survey sites, but I wish I could. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of survey sites operating on the internet, but majority of them offer sweepstake entries as a reward. I did take under consideration explanation that some of these sweepstake survey sites offer as a reason for them to not offer direct incentive for every completed survey, but quite frankly I don’t buy it.

They say that it prevents cheating and allows them to collect unbiased opinion. Supposedly paying for someone’s opinion would (or could) entice some survey takers to flex their opinion into qualifying fore more well paid surveys. I do acknowledge such possibility, since I myself am capable of answering qualifying questionnaire the way that would most likely get me qualified.

I do not do that for very simple reason. Being dishonest is not ok, and has usually very short legs. It’s very easy for research companies to figure out that answers given in the survey were not honest. How? Inconsistence in answers and personal profile just to start with. I can’t state in the qualifier that I am responsible for software development at work while my profile says I work as a manager of trucking company.

Survey companies may not notice these inconsistencies first time around, but eventually they will. My account will be terminated and my earnings forfeited. I have too much to lose to be so short sided, just to qualify to few extra well paid surveys. I do understand that some survey takers could be tempted to do that.

Having said that, I still think sweepstake survey sites are just hiding the real reason behind this explanation. I see money as more obvious and realistic reason. Why is it that some of internet most reputable survey sites can offer money for their paid online surveys and still deliver valuable research data to their consumers? I am talking about very often repeated consumers.

How is it that cash survey sites can pay their members, but sweepstake survey sites can’t (or won’t)? Behind every seemingly large sweepstake hides much larger, but not so obvious truth. The biggest winner in any survey sweepstake is actually a survey site that offers it.

My experience suggests that sweepstakes (even large) offer only a fraction of what cash paying survey sites would pay out to their members for same research. Over the years I created my own personal list of market research companies that pay cash for their surveys. Sadly that list is not long.

Well, I guess the upside of that is that it won’t take you very long to sign up for all these survey sites, if you decide to join. Listed research companies will offer you paid online surveys and give you a chance to get paid for your opinion. As of the amount that you can earn, it will very.

There are many deciding factors that will determine how much you will make, but no legitimate survey site (or legitimate review site) will ever make you any promises or give you any guarantees. I listed only survey sites that I currently work with or I have worked with in the past. I rated these survey sites based on my own personal experience, extensive research and many suggestions received from other panelists.

Listed on this page research companies are legitimate and they will allow you to get paid to take surveys. These surveys will typically take between 5 to 20 minutes and will pay you anywhere from $1 to $20. Topics of such surveys will very and they may include political opinions, computers, cosmetics, services, cell phones, groceries, newspapers, magazines, video games, laundry detergents, appliances, movies, TV shows and much more.


I based my reviews based on five major criteria:

               – number of invitations offered by survey panel

               – incentives offered for completing surveys

               – time needed to finish surveys and estimated survey time accuracy

               – what payment form is offered by survey panel

               – cash out minimum and how long it takes to get paid


When comes to paid online surveys one thing I am sure of: all legitimate companies are free to join and you can cancel your membership at any time. On this paid surveys reviews page I am (or I will very soon) place only brief descriptions of major players in survey world, but in-depth reviews will be available at pages dedicated entirely to specific survey site.

I apologize, but most of sites that I worked with so far require their members to live in USA or Canada. Many of these research companies may accept people from other countries, but I can’t really review these sites from the perspective of someone living in those countries. My perspective is limited to someone living in the USA. Generally you can get paid to take surveys no matter where you live. 

All research companies I listed below legitimated themselves with one or more payments in my name. I placed images of some of these payments throughout my website. This should give you a general feel on what to expect. I also placed many examples of real survey invitations that I received from these survey sites. This also should be a significant factor while deciding on which survey panels would be best suitable for you to join (if any).


PLEASE NOTE: I would say that it is important to a survey taker to sign up for at least 20 survey panels. Your opinion should be in demand, not surveys. More survey invitation you will receive daily, better choice you will have. Sufficient amount of daily invitations will ultimately lead to you selecting and participating in surveys that offer best rewards. | © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved