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About Paid Surveys

If you are not familiar with the concept of online paid surveys, I will try to explain it in my own words as best as I can.

What is a paid survey?
Paid survey is an incentivized (or in other words paid) form of statistical survey where participants are rewarded through incentive programs with cash, points (typically with cash value) or sweepstake entries for participating in research studies on various topics.

What are surveys for?
Companies around the world work tirelessly to expand their business. Many of those companies already have a product they sell to their consumers, but today’s world moves forward so fast that existing products (even very good ones) often are not enough to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore all businesses, old and new, constantly try to improve their existing products or services or create entirely new ones

Why we get paid to take surveys?
Many times billions of dollars could be spent for development of a new product, but what if consumers don’t like it at the end? Smart businesses figured it out a long time ago that it is better to ask the consumers first what they think about the product (or service) before spending all that money for development. If there is no interest or need for the product, there is ultimately no market for it. It is much cheaper for new product developer to pay us for our opinion instead of blindly invest millions of dollars and hope in the success of the new product (or service).

So who can take surveys?
There are few age limitations that differ from panel to panel, but it is safe to say that after age 18, anyone with a computer and internet connection can participate in online surveys for money. It does not matter your age (as long as you are old enough to join), occupation, marital status or ethnicity. It does not even matter where you live in the world; there are always online survey panels willing to pay you for your opinion. I would like to note here that for obvious reasons residents of developed countries will have more and better paid surveys available to them. Overall there are not many restrictions to who can participate in paid online surveys. As long as survey takers “play” by the rules, they can take unlimited amounts of surveys. If you are willing to share your opinion, survey companies will have hundreds (if not thousands) of surveys for you.

Surveys now versus surveys back in the “old days”.
Back in the “old days” all such market research was done the “hard “way. Eye to eye, or telephone interviews were conducted and it all took a long time and effort. But Internet changed all that. Sure, “old school” market research still exists, but in many places it has been replaced with paid online surveys.

Let me briefly describe to you the difference between “old school” market research and modern market research. Let’s say few solutions exist to solve a common problem of pants falling down. There is a business man that planes to invest in one of these solutions. To find out which solution would be favored by the consumers he hires a market researcher. This old school researcher would most likely need to travel to the nearest town to conduct this market study. He would simply need a place where he could present possible solutions to as many people as possible. Let’s say for that reason our researcher, armed only with a notebook and a pair of tiny round glasses, would travel to “Dodge City”. After arrival he would ask fine local gentleman what would be their preference: belt or suspenders. Modern researchers would most likely solve the problem with a single e-mail. In both cases Santa’s choice would be? Suspenders!

Online surveys, thanks to modern technology, allow research companies to reach an incredible amount of respondents in a very short time period. Today’s market studies can be performed in a fraction of the time they used to take in the past.

Majority of today’s research companies operate under “voice your opinion, change the future” umbrella. Such survey sites don’t pay their members for completing surveys. They award them with sweepstake entries, where only few lucky individuals will get paid for their time. Very often the sweepstake’s jackpot is large enough to entice many to chase the BIG payday. Sadly the true odds of winning any jackpot heavily favor the survey site to be the true winner in this system.

The other type of survey sites extends the money paid to them onto their members. These survey sites offer paid surveys to their members. I find this approach much more beneficial to majority of survey takers. I think that at the end all of us like to get paid for surveys …with money. | © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved


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